Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches, Bamboo Finish, 4-Pack
Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches, Bamboo Finish, 4-Pack

Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches, Bamboo Finish, 4-Pack


(as of 06/18/2017)

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Product Description

Product Description
Create the Perfect Tropical island Atmosphere With Newhouse Lighting Tiki torches. The Tiki torch Design Consists Of 3 Internal LEDs Enclosed Behind A Frosted Lens. Of the 3 LEDs, One Flickers Creating the Romantic Feel Of Flickering Flame. With Solar Dusk-To-Dawn Functionality, the Tiki torches Recharge Its Internal Ni-Cd Batteries During the Day Using the Sun's Rays, and Automatically Illuminate At Night Using Its Built-In Photo Cell, Making these the Perfect Addition to Poolsides, Backyards, Patios or Any Outdoor Environment. Retaining the Look and Feel Of Bamboo, these Tiki torches Are Made Of Durable Polycarbonate Construction Which is Able to Withstand Outdoor Elements All Year Round to Ensure You Get the Desired Height When Mounting, these Tiki torches Include 3 Pole Assemblies and Ground Foot Stakes For Adjustable Heights. No Installation or Wiring Required-Just Put Into the Ground and Remove the Battery Sheaths (Guarantees You Get Maximum Battery Life) and Transform Your Yard Into A Tropical Paradise. Includes 4 Tiki torches and 8 Ni-Cd Batteries.

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Create the perfect tropical island atmosphere with Adamax Tiki torches. The Tiki torch Design consists of three internal LEDs enclosed behind a frosted lens. Of the three LEDs, one flickers to create the romantic feel of flickering flame. With solar dusk-to-dawn functionality, the Tiki torches recharge their internal Ni-Cd batteries during the day using the sun's rays, and automatically illuminate at night using its built-in photocell. They're a great addition to poolsides, backyards, patios or any outdoor environment.

This version comes in a natural finish, and it's also available in black.

Retaining the look and feel of bamboo, these Tiki torches are made of durable polycarbonate construction which is able to withstand outdoor elements all year round. To ensure you get the desired height when mounting, these Tiki torches include three-pole assemblies and ground foot stakes for adjustable heights. No installation or wiring required — just put into the ground and remove the battery sheaths.

What's in the Box

Four Tiki torches and eight Ni-Cd batteries

TIKILED4 Solar Flickering Tiki Torches, 4-Pack

At a Glance
  • Each Tiki torch has three LEDs, with one flickering to mimic a realistic flame
  • Solar dusk-to-dawn functionality
  • Natural finish
  • Adjustable height
  • No wiring required
  • Powered by two rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries (pull taped to ensure battery longevity)


  • Automated solar dusk-to-dawn photocell functionality.
  • Includes 3 LEDs, each LED flickers warm yellow lights to mimic realistic & natural flames.
  • Great addition to outdoor events & areas such as pool, garden, bench, patio, fence, deck & pathways.
  • Natural bamboo color finish. Adjustable heights with 3 pole assemblies (up to 5 feet tall).
  • No wiring needed & includes 4 x 2 Ni-Cd batteries for solar recharging. 30 days warranty against manufacturer defects.