Hand-Woven Mexican Thatch Roll

Check out this KILLER tiki “thatch” thing!

It’s perfect for putting on walls and fences in your backyard, or on an indoor tiki bar. Also came in handy when we had a party at our local club here in town – we peeled it off the fence and brought it over to the party. It’s an instant “theme setter” , giving the illusion of a luau or tropical party the very first moment someone glances at it.

Hand-Woven Mexican Thatch Roll


30"x60' Mexican Thatch Runner

Mexican Palm Thatch Runner Roll  is crafted from natural palm leaves, woven into a premium grade thatch panel.  Thatch runners can be used for almost every tropical structure. It can be used to form round to square to pitched awnings. Easy to use and install, they can be zip-tied or stapled to many roof applications. Thatch can be turned into custom sizes by just cutting it with scissors.


30"x60' Mexican Thatch Runner


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